“AI is all about figuring out what to do when you don’t know what to do.”

— Peter Norvig

“It is usually agreed that a system capable of learning deserves to be called intelligent, and conversely, a system is considered as intelligent is, among other things, usually expected to be able to learn. Learning always has to do with the self-improvement of future behavior based on experience.”

— Sandip Sen and Gerhard Weiss


The application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Talent Management is obscured by marketing hype and misinformation. Much of what is called AI in the marketplace is something much less than what researchers and practitioners in the field consider “intelligent.” That doesn’t mean solutions that bear the moniker aren’t useful. Still, they are misleading to HR technology buyers who believe that AI is a panacea for many of their most challenging talent management problems.

However, there are many promising applications of AI in Talent Management that are worth investigating further. For example, finding the best match from thousands of applicants for…

I wrote a recently that raised the question is the annual performance review dead? To be clear on my position, I’ve jumped with both feet firmly planted on the growing bandwagon of CEOs and senior HR leaders, predicting the end of the ineffective and universally despised annual performance review. Many have proposed throwing reviews out altogether. I’m not on that particular bandwagon. We all need feedback. Of course, we all prefer positive over negative feedback. Some of us have a hard time receiving negative feedback, while others welcome it and see such feedback as a means to an end: self-improvement.

Type “annual performance review” in Google right now. Standing in stark contrast to the paid ad at the top of the page touting the value of one vendor’s performance appraisal solution, you will find link after link to articles like Huffington Post’s “The Annual Performance Review: #FAIL,” Businessweek’s “The Annual Performance Review: Worthless Corporate Ritual,” and Business Insider’s “Adobe Abolished Annual Performance Review.” They all share a common theme: the annual performance review is a relic, a thing of the past that began with good intentions but has done little to advance the goal to improve employee performance. In fact…

I’ve coached many people through difficult career transitions over the years, both as a leader of software developers and as an independent coach. When coaching someone for the first time, I’m often struck by how reluctant they are to see themselves for the amazing qualities they possess. We are taught to downplay our strengths and focus on shoring up our weaknesses. We focus on the things we’ve done wrong or dwell on our failures rather than all of the things we’ve done right. Too often, we listen to that voice in our head or that of a friend or family…

When I was a senior in college, I signed up for a computer science course called numerical methods. The course was new to the computer science program at Fitchburg State College (now Fitchburg State University) in Massachusetts. There were only a dozen or so of us that signed up. We were all seniors, and we were the program’s top students. In fact, we were literally the top students in the program.

Jerry, our professor, began his first lecture with a course overview. As he turned the page in his notes, he paused. He scratched his head, put his notes down…

Frank Ginac

CTO of TalentGuard, a Software-as-a-Service company that develops Talent Management software for mid- to large-sized global enterprises.

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